A staycation with a cause

Syazwani Hj Rosli

For some, the idea of starting a business with siblings is unthinkable as they may have been the ones they fought with when growing up and the ones they compete with in adulthood. But for others, doing so capitalises on a deep bond between family members that already existed.

The Teratak Mumin Family Foundation (MFF), a hut with a ‘stay-lodge’ concept at Kampong Rataie in Temburong District, has proven that with its family-oriented business. It has grown strong since its establishment three years ago.

Hajah Rosmawatty binti Haji Abdul Momin and her siblings initially built Teratak MFF and named it after their beloved father Haji Abdul Mumin bin Awang Sunggoh, who passed away.

“We wanted to continue the charitable initiatives my grandfather used to do. This is what motivates all of us to remain united in heart and soul to explore entrepreneurship while doing charity work,” said Teratak MFF Manager Mohammad Wazien Syahmi bin Haji Mas’ud, Hajah Rosmawatty’s son.

Before going into business, his aunt, who owns the house, initially bought the land to be used as a fruit orchard.

An area to relax at the Teratak Mumin Family Foundation (MFF) lodge in Temburong. PHOTOS: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI
Manager of Teratak MFF Mohammad Wazien Syahmi bin Haji Mas’ud during the interview

One of his uncles, an architect, came up with the idea to rebuild a house on the site to be used as a homestay, which was agreed upon by all siblings.

Little by little, they put everything in place. They were quick to discuss ideas to move forward with the plan.

“My uncle designed the house for our family. It’s very sentimental for all of us, because the design and structure is almost similar to my late grandfather’s house that was destroyed by fire,” he said.

Apart from offering accommodation services to visitors keen to experience the village life, with a modern concept, they can also pick fruits from the orchard, especially during the fruit season.

Mohammad Wazien said the establishment also sought to help underprivileged families in Brunei.

Income from the staycations are kept in the family’s fund for less fortunate families, he said.

“We usually provide financial assistance or other necessities for the needy,” he said.

“The idea of helping people was always ingrained in our family. It brings us joy. We learn the importance of being kind to others”.

Teratak MFF promotes socio-economic development among the Mukim Bokok community and attracts visitors from other districts and neighbouring countries. It enlivens the Temburong District with tourism activities.

“We hope to instill a sense of appreciation towards nature, the friendly town and other interesting places as well as the special cuisine of our district,” he added.