Unremorseful thief jailed, caned

Fadley Faisal

A local man who appeared in court with no remorse over his crime was sentenced to 32 months’ jail with two canings last Saturday after he pleaded guilty to yet another brush with the law.

Sukardi bin Ahad committed housebreaking in Kampong Tanah Jambu for theft at 3am on August 24.

Intermediate Court Judge Radin Safiee bin Radin Mas Basiuni handed the sentence after taking the defendant’s circumstances into consideration.

“It appears that the defendant has no link with his family and he has to stay with his cousin. Lack of family support is quite apparent,” said the Judge.

“This may be linked to the fact that he has multiple offences which may have led to his family not seeing him in the best of light,” the court stated.

“And at the same time, he has nothing to look forward to after coming out of prison and this may be a vicious cycle,” the court stated.

“I think it is the court’s place to say that there has to be a system in place, and if there has already been one, it has to be better into re-integrating them back into the society after they served time,” the court suggested.

“Otherwise, the cycle repeats itself and ends up with them going to prison again. In the end it is up to the convicted to choose the right or wrong paths,” the court thought.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Aeny Zullizam revealed that the defendant holds theft related convictions in records from 2009, 2013 and 2019.

On August 24, he kicked down a door and stole a water jet and an aluminium ladder.

He then fled through the forest nearby and headed home.

In the afternoon, when the house owner returned home to find his property missing, he filed a police report which led to the defendant’s arrest but not the recovery of the items.