TikTok pulls 380,000 videos in US for hate content

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – TikTok on Thursday said it has removed more than 380,000 videos in the United States (US) this year as part of a part of a mission to “eliminate hate” on the platform.

TikTok also banned some 1,300 accounts for breaking rules against hateful content or behaviour, and deleted 64,000 comments on similar grounds, according to the video-snippet sharing sensation.

“These numbers don’t reflect a 100 per cent success rate in catching every piece of hateful content or behaviour, but they do indicate our commitment to action,” TikTok US Head of Safety Eric Han said in a blog post.

“Our goal is to eliminate hate on TikTok.”

Han’s overview of what TikTok is doing to combat hate comes as the app defends itself against what it calls “rumours and misinformation” about its links to the Chinese government.