The coronavirus pandemic is heartbreaking: Hilary Swank

BANG! NEWS – Hilary Swank finds the coronavirus pandemic “heartbreaking”. The 46-year-old actress has said she’s endured a “rollercoaster ride” over the last few months, and admitted the global health crisis is taking a toll on her mental health, because she can’t stop thinking about those who are struggling to “make ends meet” amid the pandemic.

She said, “It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Most of the time it’s heartbreaking because there are a lot of people who can’t make ends meet. There are a lot of children who aren’t getting fed because their parents aren’t able to work. People are losing their lives and we don’t know all the effects of coronavirus yet so the unknown is really scary.”

Hilary also revealed she had struggles of her own when the pandemic hit the United States (US), because she had taken her father – who had a lung transplant three years ago – to Iowa for his mother’s funeral in mid-March and found it hard to get him back home during the quarantine period.

She added, “My grandmother passed away on March 13. It was not coronavirus related. It was my dad’s mother who passed and I went to Iowa for the funeral, but it was a difficult journey because my dad has had a lung transplant. We went to the funeral, but then all of a sudden it was then self-isolation and quarantine, and you weren’t supposed to be going out in public, but I had to get my dad home safely.”

The Away star took three years out of the spotlight to care for her father when he underwent his transplant, and said she feels “blessed” to be able to quit working for so long.