Somali pirates free three Iranian hostages held since 2015

NAIROBI (AFP) – Three Iranian fishermen who were the last hostages held by Somali pirates, have been freed after five years of captivity, a member of the team who negotiated his release told AFP on Thursday.

John Steed, a former British army officer who has spent years negotiating the release of piracy hostages in Somalia, said the three men were released last Saturday, but were awaiting COVID-19 tests to travel to Ethiopia and then home.

The three hostages were the remaining crew members of Iranian fishing vessel the FV Siraj, which was captured by Somali pirates off the coast of Somalia in March 2015. The fourth member of the crew was freed last year as he needed urgent medical care.

The remaining three are “very thin as expected” and have gastric problems, but are otherwise fine, said Steed, the co-ordinator of the Hostage Support Programme (HSP) in Nairobi.

“This truly does mark the end of an era, between 2010 and 2019, Somali pirates held over 2,300 crew either captive on their ships or as hostages,” said fellow HSP member George Lamplugh in a statement seen by AFP Thursday.