Seminar to prepare for a post-pandemic world

The Global Awareness and Impact Alliance (GAIA) and the Brunei Students’ Union in the United Kingdom and Eire (BSUnion) jointly organised the final seminar of a three-part seminar series at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

The series titled ‘Building a Post-Pandemic Global Society’ aimed to combine the novel ideas of university students with the opinions of an expert speaker in an effort to build preparedness to face a post-pandemic world. The seminary’s theme centred on how the COVID-19 virus is ‘Reshaping Social Policy’. Transmission control measures worldwide dramatically altered human activity, thus forcing reflection on a number of pressing societal concerns.

GAIA co-founder Naveed Khan and President of BSUnion Abdullah Umar delivered opening remarks.

The speakers at the seminar were undergraduate students Izzati Azhan (BSc Planning and Real Estate, University of Manchester), Hamizan Iman (Law LLB, Cardiff University), Nabeelah Abu Bakar (BSc MORSE, University of Southampton) and Mu’izz Abdul Khalid (PhD Candidate in Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore).

Moderated by GAIA co-founder Dr Asyura Salleh, the seminar explored how the viral pandemic encouraged a reimagining of urban cities as greener sites for efficient and sustainable lifestyles. The seminar also touched on how public systems such as healthcare can be affected by concepts of bias. The seminar raised awareness on gender-motivated behaviour that increased during  this pandemic.

The seminars were open to the public and students.

The speakers at the seminar