Plunge the depths to mark Women’s Dive Day

Aziz Idris

Eight female divers took the plunge into Brunei’s favourite Dolphin 88 wreck as part of PADI Women’s Dive Day on Friday.

Normally held in July, the event was postponed to August due to bad weather conditions.
Hosted by Poni Divers, the dive took the group 24 metres below sea level.

Last year, a similar event was held by the group to commemorate International Women’s Day. Three local females were also certified as dive instructors during its 5th PADI Instructor Development Course.

According to Poni Divers Business Development Director Anna Aziz, women “are experiencing a wave of change. By shattering the glass ceiling, I believe we will see an advancement of women in key leadership roles in both public and private sectors in Brunei”.

Divers in a group photo. PHOTO: PONI DIVERS