Photo walk to capture daily precious moments

Syazwani Hj Rosli

Members of Brunei Daily Snaps Group yesterday gathered for their first ever Bandarku Ceria photo walk with the aim of capturing interesting snapshots of the local life.

Aisha Diana @ Mewsum Wong, who is the group’s ambassador, said photography has gone through an evolution.

“The advent of digital cameras has made the whole process of photo-taking shorter, and today’s mobile phone is capable of capturing high-quality photos while functioning as an everyday device on the palm of your hand,” she said.

The Brunei Daily Snaps Group was conceived to encourage people to forgo social media habits and embrace the present moment.

She continued, “A mobile phone is a super computer with the ability to do amazing things.

ABOVE & BELOW: Moments captured by members of Brunei Daily Snaps Group. PHOTOS: BRUNEI DAILY SNAPS GROUP

Members of Brunei Daily Snaps Group in a group photo to mark the first ever BandarKu Ceria Photowalk.

“However, we tend to use it for basic things like sending emojis or scrutinising others’ private life on social media. This can affect us in the most unnatural way.”

The group’s present-moment movement has caused quite a stir since its inception; in two months, it has garnered over 5,000 members.

“Photography friendships have formed, and new creative habits have developed,” Aisha Diana said. “People are now buying mobile phones and cameras with the intention of sharing their photos with the group. It is revitalising the sector.”

The shutterbug hopes that the group will help nurture local talents that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with photographers of the world.

“This is why the word ‘Group Ambassador’ is printed on each jersey,” she said. “The potential is inside all of us.”