‘Outer Worlds’ is getting its first story DLC in September

Elise Favis

THE WASHINGTON POST – The Outer Worlds, Obsidian’s sharp and zany role-playing adventure in space, is receiving its first DLC on September 9. Releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Peril on Gorgon will have players journeying to the Gorgon asteroid after finding a severed arm and a mysterious message. There, they explore an abandoned Spacer’s Choice (one of the game’s factions) facility where a science project went wrong.

Peril on Gorgon comes with new characters, weapons and armor sets, as well as raises the level cap to 33 for the full game, to support new perks and flaws (both are status effects for your character). With the introduction of three new science weapons (kooky gadgets that help you out in battle), players can approach fights differently in the DLC. For example, one of them is called PET, a pest extermination tool.

Upon arriving on Gorgon, you meet Minnie Ambrose, whom publisher Private Division described as a “wealthy recluse” in a news release. She tasks you with solving the mysterious disappearance of her mother, who was the head of a secret science project that aimed to develop a powerful new drug strain for Spacer’s Choice. The areas you explore are “eerie”, Art Director Matt Hansen said.

“Players who enjoyed the dark humour of The Outer Worlds, the corporate satire and some of the wilder or more absurd moments from the base game, they’ll definitely see more of that on Gorgon,” game director and narrative designer Carrie Patel said.

As an asteroid, Gorgon is “primarily rocky” with a pulp-noir aesthetic, Hansen explained. Mini, lush biomes scattered about the environment bring more colour and diversity to the locale. Players can also expect hidden pathways, dungeons, tall cliffs and canyons that add more verticality than the original game has.

“It’s been taken over by some interesting wildlife, marauders and the occasional very bold and adventurous scrapper trying to make some serious bank harvesting these old facilities,” Hansen said.

Obsidian plans to port the DLC to the Switch eventually. Peril on Gorgon will cost USD14.99, and Xbox Game Pass users will receive a 10 per cent discount. An expansion pass can be purchased as well, which will include Peril on Gorgon and a future, unannounced DLC for a total price of USD24.99.

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