MPK members, residents learn crocodile trapping skills

Daniel Lim

Kampong Sungai Liang residents were told to remain calm, keep a safe distance and inform authorities when they encounter a crocodile.

Kampong Sungai Liang Acting Village Head Haji Mohd Ibrahim bin Datu Maharaja Setia Dian made these comments at a demonstration to disseminate information on the skills and knowledge on preparing, locating and trapping crocodiles yesterday.

The event at the Sungai Liang Beach-front was organised by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

Haji Mohd Ibrahim said the demonstration by officers and staff from the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department is in response to the increase in crocodile sightings, especially along the riverside of the village, in the past month.

“The demonstration saw the participation of members of Kampong Sungai Liang Village Consultative Council (MPK Sungai Liang) and residents. They learnt skills such as tying knots and the proper use of equipment to safely capture the crocodiles,” he said. Haji Mohd Ibrahim said this will benefit the residents as it serves as a precaution in not only separating the habitat of the crocodile and residences, but also to understand their nature and habits.

“Despite only having members from MPK Kampong Sungai Liang and residents participating, it is hoped that the knowledge will be passed to families and friends, to ensure that the safety of the village is maintained.”

He hoped the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department will further disseminate the skills and knowledge, which can be put to good use in setting and preparing the traps ahead of the arrival of officers from the Wildlife Division; which can expedite the capture and relocating of the crocodiles.

Some of the equipment used to secure and relocate crocodiles showcased during the demonstration. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM