London’s Tower Bridge gets stuck

LONDON (AFP) – London’s iconic Tower Bridge suffered “technical issues” last Saturday when it was raised to let a ship through – and was unable to close.

Traffic around the area became deadlocked after the bridge was closed to vehicles for several hours during the afternoon and evening.

“The bridge experienced technical issues this afternoon and was locked in a raised position for a period of time,” Tower Bridge said on its Twitter feed.

Built between 1886 and 1894, the bridge lifts around 800 times a year and on Saturday was scheduled to be raised for the historic charter boat Sailing Barge Will.

Police announced its closure around 5pm (1600 GMT). It re-opened to pedestrians more than an hour later, but remained shut to vehicles for several hours.

Tower Bridge crossing the River Thames is stuck open, leaving traffic in chaos as the iconic river crossing remains open, in London last Saturday. PHOTO: AP