Korean Festival 2020 goes online

James Kon & Syazwani Hj Rosli

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Brunei Darussalam will host the 2020 Korean Festival through Instagram @Koreanfestbn and Facebook K-Fest Brunei from tomorrow to September 13.

Starting tomorrow, video clips featuring several aspects of Korean culture will be posted and shared with the public through the official social media accounts for the 2020 Korean Festival.

In a statement, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Brunei Darussalam said, “The Korean Festival has been one of the most visited and popular annual cultural events held in Brunei, since 2014.

“It introduced the modern and traditional culture of Korea, showcased the high-quality cultural performances by famous professional artistes and performers from Korea.

“It has drawn much interest and public participation to experience Korean cultures and the latest trends.

“However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Korean Festival will be moved to social networking platforms and held virtually. This non-contact online Korean Festival is aimed to make year-long enthusiasts have fun and feel revitalised, while following the guidelines related to social distancing.”

The four-week event will feature an online cooking class with Brunei’s popular bloggers and the Korean Embassy’s chef, performances from the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration Team and Brunei’s Taekwondo clubs, and video clips by Brunei graduates about their experiences while studying in Korea.

More videos and photos on Korean culture and tourism will also be shared during the online festival.

The other main feature is a video contest, ‘All about Korea’.

Special prizes, including autographed K-pop CDs or supermarket vouchers worth BND50, will be presented to the 20 participants who submit the most popular video clips or photo slides.

Each participant can submit more than one video clip or photo slides.

Submissions will be posted on the social networking accounts for the 2020 Korean Festival.

Between August 17 and September 13, participants must submit a video clip or photo slides which are one to 10 minutes long in the following categories (with more than one person allowed in the videos): K-Pop performance – K-pop dance routines or K-pop song covers; Sketch of K-Drama or K-Movie – Acting out scenes from Korean dramas or movies; Korean food cooking demonstration; Finding something Korean in Brunei – Anything Korean-related, eg Bukit Korea, a Korean restaurant or a Korean friend; Let me show you Korea – Introducing and explaining to friends something about Korea such as Korean culture, Korean entertainment, famous tourist spots in Korea, education in Korea, living in Korea, the Korean people, the Korean alphabet (Hangeul) and more.

The video files, photo slides, or a link to download them, including the participant’s name and contact number, are to be emailed to [email protected]gmail.com.

All submissions must comply with Brunei’s social distancing guidelines, censorship standards and other related instructions.

They will be posted to the embassy’s social media accounts and open to the public, and the embassy reserves the rights and authority to use them in other occasions.