Katy Perry ‘dissects’ music

BANG! NEWS – Katy Perry “dissects” all music she listens to.

The Smile hitmaker opened up about her music listening habits, confessing that she listens to all tracks in a different way to the average consumer.

Speaking about her favourite genres of music, she said, “I like bossa nova, jazz, reggae. When I listen to music, I’m not listening as an audience member. I’m listening to every single part of it. My enjoyment factor is probably not the same as a passive audience listener that likes and enjoys it; I’m dissecting it.

“I listen to music when I drive. When I go visit my parents in Santa Barbara, that’s an hour drive so I’ll take the chance to listen to a record.”

And Katy likes to “zone” into music when she listens to it.

She told Pinkvilla, “That’s when I really zone into music. I like mood-setting music. I’m like ‘Let’s put on a little … let’s feel like we’re travelling to Italy. Let’s put on a vibe.’ I’m more of a vibe around the house kind of a person and then I listen on my own when I’m working out which hasn’t been lately and / or driving.”

Katy – who recently welcomed daughter Daisy Dove into the world – previously insisted she isn’t worried about balancing motherhood and her career because she feels women were made to be able to handle both sides.