Jaguar E-Pace a stylish yet practical vehicle

If a stylish yet practical vehicle is what you’re looking for, look no further than the Jaguar E-pace.

With a driver-focussed cockpit sitting at the heart of a family-focussed interior, the Jaguar E-Pace brings the exciting Jaguar driving experience and adds everyday practicality, according to a press release.

The E-Pace looks unmistakably sporty. It features a bold honeycomb mesh grille framed by LED headlights with signature ‘J’ blades. The dynamic roofline blends with a spoiler to give E-Pace a distinctive profile and the lines of a coupé.

At the rear, full LED tail lights provide a truly distinctive, night time signature.

The E-Pace’s wide tailgate has been designed to allow easy access to the large and versatile loadspace, which measures up to 1.3 metres wide. Even when you’re heading off on a weekend away you can take everything you need thanks to E-Pace’s towing capacity of up to 1,800kg.

The E-Pace retains Jaguar’s unmistakably sleek and sporty exterior. PHOTO: INDERA MOTORS

The E-Pace’s good looks extend to its interior style.

In E-Pace every component you can see and touch has been meticulously designed to deliver a refined, tactile experience.

The cockpit wraps around the driver, putting all controls and dials within easy reach.

A three-spoke leather steering wheel incorporates key controls for ease of use.

Inside, the E-Pace’s interior storage is the best in its class, from its deep centre cubby box and to its sculpted door bins.

Within the deep storage in the centre console, a 12V socket and two USB sockets are available for charging, while the rear of the centre console has three optional USB sockets for passengers in the back.

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, the E-Pace makes driving safer and enjoyable for both driver and passenger. Every E-Pace is equipped with InControl infotainment system, Touch Pro to ensure that everyone can make the most of their journey.

The standard 10″ touchscreen at the heart of the centre console supports swipe and pinch gestures and delivers Jaguar’s richest ever audio-visual entertainment.

The E-Pace driving experience is powered by petrol P200 ingenium engines. To ensure optimum gear control and maximising fuel efficiency and acceleration, E-Pace’s nine-speed Automatic Transmission has nine closely spaced ratios. Gear changes are almost imperceptible. With its sculpted bonnet and muscular rear haunches, Jaguar E-Pace is a dynamic, agile SUV as only Jaguar could have imagined it.