Initiative to promote industrial safety

Daniel Lim

Following its inception in November 2019 through collaboration with the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) under the Ministry of Energy, the Industry HSE (iHSE) Group has since become a conglomerate of senior members from a variety of industries in the nation, as an initiative to promote and enforce the importance of safety in all fields of industries.

This was highlighted in an interview by Deputy Chairman of the iHSE Group Shaikh Haji Khalid bin Shaikh Haji Ahmed, who is also Chairman and Managing Director of Serikandi Group of Companies.

Quoting Permanent Secretary (Energy) at the Ministry of Energy Haji Azhar bin Haji Yahya, as the authority for SHENA said last year, Shaikh Haji Khalid explained that the group’s aim and vision is to help raise Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) standards in Brunei.

“Since the committee’s establishment on November 19, 2019, we have undergone several meetings, in which we continue to expand the group’s scope and vision. The latest meeting was our fourth, held at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Chancellor Hall,” he said.

Besides the appointment of the committee, the expansion also involves the delegation of members to specific areas of safety expertise, which include major accident hazards, industry and non-industry, as well as a specific committee task force focussing on work at height, crane management, safety in education and personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The ongoing discussions, made internally with the committee members from respected branches spanning numerous fields of industries, can help reduce fatalities and further instil a mindset of safety from the top officials to the workers,” said Shaikh Haji Khalid.

He also said that the iSHE Group will be officially recognised by the end of this year, having completed the paperwork and awaiting approval from the authorities. “I hope that the ongoing initiative will help to galvanise more companies from all types of industries – and not just the oil and gas sector – to prioritise safety above all else.”

The committee members in a group photo during the latest meeting. PHOTO: SHAIKH HAJI KHALID
Deputy Chairman of the iHSE Group Shaikh Haji Khalid bin Shaikh Haji Ahmed. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM