Indoor playground capacity increases to 60 per cent

Wani Roslan

Indoor playgrounds were allowed to host up to 60 per cent of their normal capacity at a time, under guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MoH) since yesterday.

The general safety measures for all visitors include temperature checks, BruHealth QR code scans, using hand sanitiser, wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

Nuraini Mohd, who often brings her children to an indoor playground on weekends, said, “I’m pleased at how the operators prioritise hygiene by providing hand sanitiser before and after play sessions, getting all visitors to wear socks, and limiting the number of children in one area.”

Her sentiments are echoed by Noramalina Ahmad, who expressed satisfaction that “hygiene is becoming a main priority, not just for indoor playgrounds, but also in other places.”

Another parent, Hazirah HA, said, “Now that indoor playgrounds can accommodate up to 60 per cent of their capacity, I am confident in bringing my children to play there again.”

She added, “At least our children are now active, instead of staying at home, playing the same toys every day.”

A child plays at an indoor playground. PHOTOS: WANI ROSLAN
Indoor playgrounds allow 60 per cent capacity from yesterday