Imams call on nation to self-reflect

Azlan Othman

The presence of Muharram in the Islamic New Year is an appropriate time for us to muhasabah (self-reflect) by evaluating and overcoming our own shortcomings.

This was said by Imams in the Friday sermon yesterday.

“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described a person who self-reflects to be wise,” they said.

“We as servants of Allah the Almighty need to ensure that we fulfil the obligations commanded by Allah the Almighty.”

This, they said, include assessing our sincerity in obeying the commandments and prohibitions of Allah the Almighty, such as performing obligatory prayers five times a day, Zakat (tithe) and fasting while refraining from committing adultery, usury and bribery.

Imams also said, “We are grateful to Allah the Almighty. Because of His mercy and compassion, we are able to commemorate the New Year 1442 Hijrah in a peaceful and prosperous country.

“Every year, Muslims in Brunei Darussalam begins and ends the Islamic year of Hijrah with prayers, which shows that we are a nation that prays for Allah the Almighty’s assistance in ensuring continued blessings upon the community,” they said.

Imams also called on the public to “evaluate ourselves to see if we have fulfilled our duties and responsibilities as parents, children, students, employees and leaders. If the answer is yes, then we must set higher standards to strive for”.

Meanwhile, they said, “If self-reflection reveals shortcomings, we should then incorporate the concept of Hijrah into our life to better ourselves.

“By understanding the effectiveness of such an approach, it will be easier to employ the spirit of Hijrah in the future.”

They noted weaknesses are part of human nature. Nevertheless, not acknowledging their existence serves as a detriment to self-reflection as it makes it difficult to look inwards and identify our shortcomings. In commemoration of the Islamic New Year, Imams called on the public to “self-reflect and work towards being a servant of Allah the Almighty that is pious, generous and obedient while following all the commands of Allah the Almighty and be open to His guidance. Hopefully, by doing so would ensure happiness in this world and the afterlife”.