Generally smooth process at Singapore-Malaysia border crossing

SINGAPORE (CNA) – Things were generally smooth on the first day of the implementation for the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) and Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) at the Singapore-Malaysia border, said travellers interviewed by CNA yesterday.

However, the lack of public transport on Woodlands Causeway meant that people had to walk across, posing difficulties for some of them.

Those travelling from Johor Bahru to Singapore via the Woodlands Causeway said that they took between one hour to two hours to clear immigration procedures and cross the border.

Norhia Muhd Pamis, who works as a factory operator with an electronics manufacturer in Kallang, said that she took two hours in total to travel from Johor Bahru’s Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Immigration checkpoint and clear Woodlands Checkpoint.

“The time taken is less than the average time I took to travel when I was commuting daily before COVID-19 restrictions were placed,” she noted.

“We had the necessary immigration documents ready so there were really no issues at all today.” Norhia was travelling with around a dozen of her colleagues, all of whom are Malaysians who are entering Singapore via PCA.

The PCA allows Singapore and Malaysia citizens or Permanent Residents (PRs) who hold long-term immigration passes for business and work purposes in the other country to enter that country for work.

For PCA, travellers need to bring along their passports, work passes and health declaration cards.

Meanwhile the RGL is for Malaysia and Singapore residents keen to do shorter-term travel of up to 14 days, for essential business and official purposes.