Friendly event marks a first for local paintball

Fadhil Yunus

Paintball Arena @ Jerudong (PAJ) has encouraged the participation of women in paintball following the inaugural launch of ‘Ladies Paintball Day’ at the Jerudong Sports Complex yesterday.

The first-ever all-women event was held promote the sport amid the perception of it being recognised as a male-dominated sport. “Paintball is a non-contact team sport which does not allow touching and tackling one another. The sport eliminates members of the opposing team by using a paintball marker with paintball pellets,” said Head of Paintball Amar Dini Agus Din. Some 50 participants split into five teams for the friendly event. Around 80 per cent were newcomers while the rest have played the sport before.

During a safety briefing, Amar highlighted the rules including wearing masks at all times while inside the facility and listening to the marshalls on duty at all times.