First sustainable and responsible investing fund introduced in Brunei

Standard Chartered Securities in collaboration with Allianz Global Investors has introduced the first Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) fund in Brunei. The Allianz Global Sustainability fund is the latest addition to the range of funds currently distributed exclusively by Standard Chartered Securities which invests in quality companies that generate structural growth with attractive valuations and positive impact to society following the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

In addition to the SRI fund, the Allianz Global Emerging Market Equity High Dividend fund is also introduced, a fund that focusses on achieving high dividend objectives derived from high quality emerging market stocks, a press release stated.

Standard Chartered Securities hosted a webinar over the weekend to introduce clients to these new funds while providing market updates in partnership with Allianz Global Investors.

CEO of Standard Chartered Securities Brenda Low said, “Standard Chartered has long been committed to sustainable finance. Our approach brings together two themes. Firstly, we believe in the critical importance of being a responsible financial institution through managing the potential negative impact of our activities with a strong ESG risk culture. Secondly, we believe in the power that finance can have to catalyse a positive impact on the environment and our communities. With better data from companies, combined with better ESG research and analytics, we are seeing more systematic and financially relevant ways to ESG investing.

“ESG investing, when incorporated into a well-defined, long term investment plan, can be a powerful tool to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges, while allowing investors to achieve their personal financial goals. Standard Chartered Securities is committed to continuously expanding our range of investment solutions that are relevant and resonate well with the values of our clients.”

Potential investors are required to complete a client risk profiling assessment to ensure that they understand their risk appetite before taking up any wealth products. Investors who wish to know more about wealth products and services can visit Standard Chartered’s Gadong and Kuala Belait branches to speak to any licensed Relationship manager or wealth consultant or visit Standard Chartered’s website

A screenshot of CEO of Standard Chartered Securities Brenda Low during the webinar. PHOTO: STANDARD CHARTERED