Findlay holds University Applications Day

‘A’ Level examination results across the world have been released, and for most students, it is a time of relief and joy as they get the results they expected and prepare to start at the university of their choice and an exciting next phase of their lives.

This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on results. Exams were cancelled and results have been based on a mixture of predictions, mock exams and internal assessments as well as decision algorithms which largely seem to have lowered expected results.

Students who wish to consider their options after receiving results can gain from the experience and knowledge of the consultants at Findlay Education Services during the University Applications Day today and tomorrow.

“Students who are holding offers in UCAS for British universities are welcome to come in and ring universities from our office in Gadong,” said Findlay in a statement. “Our consultants are committed to helping students succeed, not just in getting into the right university but throughout their academic studies.”

All consultants at Findlay have been educated overseas and can bring their own experience to share with the clients.

Apart from the United Kingdom (UK), the company also represents universities and colleges in Australia, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States (US).

“Students who have received IGCSE results but don’t wish to do ‘A’ Levels or the International Baccalaureate can consider applying to pathway providers like INTO, Navitas, StudyGroup, OnCampus and Oxford International Education Group,” said Findlay.

It added, “These pathway programmes are alternatives such as one-year foundations. Those with ‘A’ Level equivalent results can apply for parallel first-year degree programmes to prepare for entry to higher ranked universities than their results currently allow.”