Farmers overjoyed by local support

Rokiah Mahmud

The second instalment of Gerai Hujung Minggu Pasar Kitani continued to earn public support for providing a platform for local farmers to showcase their produce.

Vendor Haji Muliadi bin Moksin of Marsya Farm shared with the Bulletin yesterday that on week one, all the produce he brought to the market was sold out, and he expected a few customers to return for more.

“It’s definitely a good platform for us farmers to participate in this programme,” he said.

Previously, local farmers only supplied their produce to supermarkets. With the weekly market, Haji Muliadi said it’s an additional avenue to showcase locally grown vegetables and fruits, while allowing farmers the chance to “interact with the people who buy our produce”.

Meanwhile, quail meat and egg seller Mazlan bin Haji Maidin said the demand for quail has been surprisingly high.

Like Haji Muliadi, he sold out all the products on the first week of the event.

Yesterday, he brought 30 per cent more to ensure he met the demand. “If the demand for local products continue to grow, it will surely help us farmers to generate more income,” he said.

Yesterday’s weekend market was joined by 43 local farmers and entrepreneurs.

Marsya Farm stall at Gerai Hujung Minggu Pasar Kitani. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR