Engaging communities in crime prevention bid

James Kon

The Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) continued to engage local communities in crime prevention programmes, including neighbourhood watch, in a bid to strengthen cooperation between the two parties and lower crime rate in the country.

The neighbour watch teams of Kampong Kapok and RPN Kampong Meragang, Kampong Tanah Jambu and Kampong Salar recently joined forces with the Muara Police Station in patrolling the streets to maintain order in the areas. Assistant Officer of Muara Police Station Inspector Mohd Firnasrulillah bin Haji Abdul Ghani was present at the patrols as well as during a meeting with heads of the villages at their residences.

Meanwhile, personnel of Temburong Police District, led by Assistant Commanding Officer of Temburong Police District ASP Pengiran Anak Haji Azanuddin Aman Shah bin Pengiran Anak Ismail Al-Haj met with Legislative Council (LegCo) member and Penghulu of Mukim Bokok and Mukim Amo Yang Berhormat Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu. Among the matters discussed were crime statistics, strategies to lower crime rate and other issues in the area.

In Tutong District, Officer-in-Charge at Lamunin Police Station Inspector Muhd Zulfadli bin Haji Awang Muhd Yusof and his officers shared tips and information with the neighbourhood watch of Kampong Kiudang/Mungkom Lamunin. Leading the neighbourhood watch was Acting Village Head of Kampong Kiudang/Mungkom Lamunin Haji Saifulbahri bin Haji Umarali at the community hall of Kampong Padnunok Lamunin.

Police personnel and neighbourhood watch members during a patrol. PHOTO: ROYAL BRUNEI POLICE FORCE