DPMM Labuan wants international direct shipment to Labuan port

LABUAN (BERNAMA) – Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM), Labuan is liaising with its central leadership to appeal to the Ministry of Transport to allow international direct shipment of cargoes to the duty-free-island without having to stop at an intermediate port
to offload.

Its President Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman said the international direct shipment would not only benefit domestic and international exporters and importers but could help Labuan regain its past glory as a shopping haven for cheaper branded goods.

He said the international direct shipment would also attract investors to set up factories in the island, thus, helping to create employment for the locals and boost the local economy.

“To help boost the Labuan economy back on track, the government through the ministry must allow direct shipment to Labuan in tandem with its status as a duty-free-island and an international business and financial centre.

“We want a direct shipment to our port…the imported and exported goods travel directly from port of origin to port of destination and vice versa.

“There is no need for a vessel to stop at an intermediate port to offload, in which the additional port charges will be passed on to consumers and this will result in increase in goods prices,” he told reporters after the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Labuan Conference.

An international company was reported to have been invited to set up a factory by the local authority but due to connectivity issues including the non-availability of direct shipment to the port of destination, the investment proposal could be hampered.

“DPMM wants to build stronger relationships with shipowners and maritime regulators to help boost local economic activities, and help lessen the people’s financial burden due to the escalating goods prices,” he said.

Suhaili who is a former Member of Parliament for Labuan said DPMM Labuan would continue to play its role as a one stop centre for the government’s business incentive and assistance schemes to its members and local entrepreneurs.

“We will equip ourselves with the necessary information before channelling it to our members. We have a long-term plan for the local entrepreneurs to be comparable with our successful businessmen,” he said.

Suhaili also said DPMM Labuan would be working together with other business chambers to address the economic slowdown in Labuan.