Cop gets stuck in handcuffs while giving training

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE (NDTV) – In an incident that would not seem out of place in a slapstick comedy, a police officer got stuck in handcuffs while showing new recruits how to use them. The incident occurred in the United Kingdom (UK) when the Northamptonshire Police officer was demonstrating the use of the hinged handcuffs, reported the BBC.

Scott Renwick, a core training sergeant with Northamptonshire Police, had to call the fire service after getting trapped in the faulty pair of handcuffs, according to Birmingham Live. He was forced to walk to the fire station, where firefighters used pedal cutters to free him.

The training sergeant thanked Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service for rescuing him from the cuffs and later tweeted a picture. “Well that wasn’t a good start to the day. Thanks to @northantsfire for cutting me out of some broken cuffs,” he wrote in the microblogging platform while sharing an image of the handcuffs.

The fire department also tweeted about the incident – which has become a source of amusement from Renwick’s colleagues as well as Twitter users.

“Hope you are not too traumatised and received a trauma teddy for being so brave,” one Twitter user said in jest.

“Now I’m not a police officer but I’m pretty sure from the accounts I follow that you’ll be getting a hefty cake fine,” another remarked.

Scott Renwick, while not thrilled about the mishap, said he was happy that it made people smile.

“If I put a smile on a single face during these difficult times my job is done,” he tweeted.