Car break-ins leave hikers in dire straits

Rokiah Mahmud

A string of car break-ins at Bukit Sipatir, a popular hiking spot in Kampong Subok, have left visitors feeling wary and on the alert.

Thieves target valuable items and wallets in unoccupied vehicles and break the windows to get inside while the owners are off on the trails.

Hiker Md Izzat bin Ramli said he returned to his car on Tuesday and found the car window smashed. When he took a closer look, he realised his wallet had been stolen.

“I’ve already filed a police report, but with no CCTV in this area, it would be difficult to know who did it,” he told the Bulletin.

Another hiker who wishes to remain anonymous said, “It’s so frustrating when such incidents happen as we worry that the thieves might be targetting our car next.

“We often advise friends to hide their personal and valuable items, but the thieves just smash in the windows anyway.”

Avid hiker at Bukit Sipatir Ismail Hassan said, “We hope that the relevant authorities will carry out patrols and surveillance in the area to prevent more instances of theft.”

A smashed car window. PHOTO: MD IZZAT BIN RAMLI