Bleeding for a good cause

Daniel Lim

Seventy-eight pints of blood were collected during a donation drive, organised by Rotary Club of Belait, at the Learning and Development Centre of Suri Seri Begawan Hospital in the Belait District yesterday.

In collaboration with the hospital’s blood bank with support from Aewon Brunei and Buccaneer Restaurant, the campaign attracted a large number of people looking to bleed for a cause.

Overseeing the event were Rotary Club of Belait President Patrick Lai, Vice President Loo Soon Nin, President-Elect Henrietta Hiew, Secretary Camille Chai and Service Project Chairwoman Helen Tang.

According to Hiew, the club had the Ministry of Health’s guidelines in mind when organising the event, and ensured that all precautionary measures were in place to safeguard both the donors and the medical workers from the hospital.

She also said, “We attracted 91 people to participate in the drive, and the number of donors far exceeded our goal of 50. We were touched by the enthusiasm displayed by the donors; it goes to show that a lot of people are fully dedicated to saving lives and making a difference.”

As tokens of appreciation, the first 30 donors received complementary vouchers from Buccaneer Restaurant, while all participants walked away with goodie bags.

Meanwhile, hospital staff members were presented with certificates of appreciation for their participation.

A donor receives a meal voucher as a token of appreciation
A temperature checkpoint as part of the precautionary measures. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM