A sweet and savoury trend

Syazwani Hj Rosli

After the popular dalgona coffee and souffle pancakes months ago, another food item has become a raging trend in Brunei Darussalam – the Korean cream cheese garlic bread.

Photos of these tasty treats have been flooding social media over the past weeks, and it seems like almost everyone has taken up to recreating these baked goods.

The Korean cream cheese garlic bread was inspired from a popular street food in South Korea which features sweetened cream cheese-stuffed bread soaked in a savoury-sweet garlic sauce which melts in your mouth. As it swept across many countries, this delicacy has proven how Korea levelled up the typical garlic bread with something cheesier and sweeter.

So how does one make this bread? First, slice buns into six equal sections while leaving the bottom intact. Some people make the buns from scratch while others purchase freshly baked bread.

Next, fill the bun with oozing sweet cream cheese filling – cream cheese, lemon juice and heavy cream. Afterwards, soak the bun in garlic butter sauce, which is a mixture of butter, parmesan, garlic, olive oil, parsley and condensed milk. Then, bake the buns for 10 to 15 minutes until it is golden brown at 170°C and that’s it. The Korean garlic cream cheese buns are ready to eat!

Korean cream cheese garlic bread. PHOTO: THEZONGHAN.COM

When it is done, it looks like pull-apart bread good for sharing. The simple ingredients and method allow anyone to create this flavourful explosion at home.

Amateur baker Ameerah Al-Jannah binti Harris, who loves to experiment with trending recipes, said she was intrigued and knew she had to make the garlic cream cheese buns right after she saw them online.

“I researched the recipes and methods of making the Korean cream cheese garlic bread and saw that it was easy to make. I immediately went to the kitchen to make them. Luckily, I had some fresh baked buns which I bought earlier. After I was done, I asked my family to give them a try. My family loves anything creamy and cheesy. They told me the buns tasted amazing,” she said.

Online baker Norafidah binti Haji Momin has been selling Korean cream cheese garlic bread for over a month now and shared that there has been an overwhelming response from those who want to try the new trending bread.

“When I introduced the Korean cream cheese garlic bread on my menu, my followers escalated from just 150 to over 1,000. I kept receiving DMs ordering the Korean garlic cream cheese bread. I had to decline or advise them to order on other days. I work alone in the kitchen and can barely keep up with the orders I get daily, on top of my work,” she explained.

Until today, she said she still has full orders for the Korean cream cheese garlic bread daily but would limit the number of pieces per person to purchase.

“I’m constantly working around the clock to keep up with the orders. I don’t want to disappoint others who were not able to order and have to wait days to buy them. Sometimes I have around 200 buns to complete by morning. By 7am, the buns would be everywhere on the tables in my kitchen or the living room,” she said.

Meamwhile, Mohammad Kamarulzaman bin Husin, who has always been health-conscious with his food intake but still loves to indulge in something special every now and then, said he has been trying to make a healthier version of the Korean cream cheese garlic buns.

“I made my own healthier version buns from a video I followed on YouTube and did not use the store bought ones. With the rest of the ingredients, I tried cutting the amount of sugar, condensed milk and cream cheese.

“It might be less savoury but at least I can enjoy eating them with less guilt,” he said.

Nursyakirah Al-Munawarrah binti Mohd Misli, who has always been a fan of Korean food, said she first tried the Korean cream cheese garlic buns from an online seller.

“I saw a blog post on the Korean cream cheese garlic bread on the Internet and those who enjoyed the authentic version of it described it as sweet and savoury. I immediately went on Instagram trying to find anyone selling the bread and bought a few. They were right. The buns were delicious,” she said.