A call to introduce more optional subjects

I would like to address the curriculum issue in the education system. As it stands, there are very few optional subjects for students. It results in students not being able to study subjects of interest.

Time is gold; isn’t that what we have been taught since we were little? Shouldn’t we spend our time more wisely?

An example is a student who wants to study psychology in college. Won’t it be easier if he or she could start psychology classes in high school? The same goes for an aspiring photographer who has to study science. Or an artist who has to study geography.

It’s no wonder that students often find it difficult to excel in all subjects, especially when they have no interest in what they are studying. It’s more common for students to excel in certain subjects and struggle with the rest. Why? It is simply because they have little to no interest in them.

And for those who do excel in all subjects, are they really good at them? After all, grades come from examinations. They could either be lucky or just great at memorising. Sometimes it is “dangerous” to rely on memorising as they may not know how to apply their knowledge.

I hope this issue could be addressed soon. Being forced to excel in subjects that students are not interested in could lead to a lot of pressure and stress, which may manifest into depression.

Yes, giving students too much authority to pick and choose their subjects could lead to problems such as overcrowding certain popular subjects. But it can easily be solved by limiting in the number of enrolment. It’s not like students are given only one optional subject to choose from, right? After all, we still have to focus on passing core subjects. So it would be good to have optional subjects that we look forward to attending classes for.

What I have suggested is one of many solutions to lessen the burden on students. I do hope that measures could be implemented to make school life more enjoyable for students.

With depression and other mental illnesses on the rise among students in the country, it would be good to see authorities take our plight seriously.