Urbanisation, climate change behind frequent croc sightings

Azlan Othman

Urbanisation, loss of mangrove habitats and climate change are the factors for regular sightings of crocodiles in the country these days, said Dionysius Wee, popularly known as The Crocodile Whisperer.

Croc Boy Diony in an interview with the Sunday Bulletin said abandoned houses should be demolished as they have become resting places for crocodiles.

A crocodile is frequently spotted of late at Sungai Kedayan near the capital sunning on the riverbank where it is photographed by onlookers.

Crocodiles were also spotted at Lumut beach, Serasa beach, in an artificial lake on the grounds of the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque in Kuala Belait and even in a drain in the vicinity of the Jerudong Park playground.

Diony who was named ‘The Crocodile Whisperer’ by popular Philippines TV network ABS-CBN, said, “It’s a passion towards the reptile that drives my interest. I want to do what I am doing for the crocodiles as long as I am able to.”

A crocodile spotted at Sungai Kedayan. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN

During his career in the Philippines, Diony realised he could command any crocodile to open its mouth.

On a more complex unexplained level, he is able to hypnotise anyone including crocodiles by synchronising their breathing patterns.

Although he doesn’t like the idea of crocodiles being killed for trading, Diony stressed the importance to control its worrisome population.

He said the law needs to be changed to a more susceptible level so that public safety can be enhanced.

“The crocodiles should not be a protected species. In the past, the numbers were so low. But since lately they are in over abundance, with any careless move, an innocent being can be its prey. We read much about crocodile attacks. We need to be able to control it,” Diony said.

The Croc Boy is also a strong advocate of releasing wild animals and is against keeping any endangered animals. Just like him, his parents share the same passion for animals.

They would constantly feed and take care of needy animals. His family believes that all animals just like humans have their right to live.