Three-metre python found at mosque area in Temburong

James Kon

A three-metre python was caught and removed from the drainage of Kampong Puni Mosque in the Temburong District recently.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), three firefighters led by ABKS 32 Tan Hoi Lim of Bangar Fire Station were deployed to the scene of the incident. Using a snare catcher, the FRD personnel removed the python from the mosque’s drainage, and released it into the wild.

The FRD reminded of the public to always ensure the surrounding of premises are kept clean and organised, while doors and windows kept shut to avoid wild animals from entering.

The public is advised against confronting any wild animals. For emergencies, contact the FRD hotline at 995.

The three-metre python. PHOTOS: FRD
FRD personnel handling the python