Test drive and stand a chance to win PS5

James Kon

The public stands a chance to win the new PlayStation 5 console (PS5) by test driving one of the most versatile mid-Range SUVs in the market, the Nissan Terra.

Local esport event management company Game On founder and avid gamer Amar Agus Din took the Nissan Terra on a test drive yesterday.

In an interview with the Bulletin, Amar said, “The test drive was great. I love the size and how spacious it is.

“The vehicle has good built in features and I love the boost. You can feel the difference with and without it. I appreciate how knowledgeable the Nissan team was during the test drive.”

On the PS5 available in the local market later this year, Amar explained said, “The PS5 looked bigger on the video presentation by Sony last month. In terms of specifications, it is powerful. I am looking forward to experience the PS5 hype at end of this year.

“The official pricing is not confirmed yet, but we are looking a price tag of over BND1,000.”

Describing Game On, he said “Game On is an esport event management company in Brunei Darussalam. We provide gamers with a platform to share their gaming passion and showcase their skills. My passion has always been to develop the gaming scene in the country.”

The public can contact Boustead Sdn Bhd, the main distributor of Nissan Cars in the country, to book a test drive.

The test drive promotion will end on July 19.

Game On founder Amar Agus Din with the Nissan Terra yesterday. PHOTO: JAMES KON