Signing of partial peace deal between Sudanese govt, armed groups delayed

KHARTOUM (Xinhua) – The signing of a partial peace deal between the Sudanese government and the alliance of armed groups has been delayed, a mediation committee announced on Tuesday.

“We have decided to delay the signing with initial letters on the agreement between the Sudanese government and the Revolutionary Front Alliance,” Dio Matok, rapporteur of the mediation committee from South Sudan, said at a press conference in Khartoum.

“A comprehensive peace agreement on the track of the revolutionary front will be signed soon,” Matok noted.

He added that “we will work to complete the item of the security arrangements.”

The Sudanese government and the Revolutionary Front Alliance, which brings together Darfur armed groups and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)/northern sector, were scheduled to initial a peace deal on Tuesday.

The deal was supposed to exclude the security arrangements file, which necessitates involvement of other armed movements, including the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)/ Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nur faction and the SPLM/northern sector, Abdul-Aziz Al-Hilu faction.