Man jailed for stealing mobile phone for drugs

Fadley Faisal

The Magistrate’s Court yesterday handed a 24 months’ jail sentence to a 24-year-old local man who pleaded guilty to a charge of committing theft in a dwelling.

DPP Ahmad Firdaus bin Mohammad revealed in court that Mohd Asmadi bin Busrah was walking towards a friend’s house on Jalan Kebangsaan, Kampong Delima at 2pm on June 29.

As he arrived at his friend’s house, the defendant saw that the entrance was left open and saw a foreign man sleeping on the bed.

He entered the house and looked around when he found a mobile phone on the table next to the bed. He took the phone and left the house. He then exchanged the device for syabu.

When the victim realised that his phone had gone missing, he lodged a report.

A neighbour saw the defendant exit the house that afternoon and aided the police investigation which led to the defendant’s arrest.

Senior Magistrate Hajah Azrimah binti Haji Abdul Rahman’s focus on handing the sentence lied in the fact that the case was aggravated rather than mitigated by the defendant’s instant guilty plea.

“The court fails to see any positive aspects of the defendant’s character given his previous conviction for similar nature,” he said. “He was only released from prison early this year.”

The court also took into account that the defendant had traded the item for syabu.

The court added, “There is a need for specific deterrence which should be reflected in the sentence to be imposed.”

On denouncing the defendant’s act of theft, the court decided against showing leniency to deter others, especially repeat offenders.