Make the most of the Education Counselling Fair

The Education Counselling Fair organised by HRDS will be held at SEAMEO Voctech Regional Centre in Gadong on July 7. The fair will feature 26 Australian and United Kingdom universities representatives.

Good preparation and list of well thought out questions will help in making the visit to the Education Counselling Fair on July 7 a success. Choosing the right career, degree course and university are life making decisions leading to a successful future!

Having a good understanding of the chosen career will ease the process. The student can then prepare targetted questions and also have a better understanding when the university staff members go through the modules or discuss field trips etc.

A list of well planned specific questions will help structure the discussions and also help when comparing the information received from different universities.

Ensuring the student is going to be comfortable at the university is equally important, as he or she will be spending a considerable amount of time there. Ask about facilities (sports, clubs/associations, course related facilities), Brunei student society and its activities, special dietary and cultural needs etc.

“The fair is an important platform to meet a number of universities under one roof and obtain key information to help make an informed decision about the final choice of university and course,” said Hafiz Kifli of HRDS.

“For a similar titled degree course, universities vary in terms of modules, formats, facilities etc. It is therefore extremely important to make a structured comparison and talk to as many university staff as possible to see what makes that university unique or suits the student’s expectations.”

Finally students should not be shy. The delegates are present to answer their queries and to provide the students with any relevant information that they may need. Students are encouraged to bring all their qualifications and testimonials to the event so that the university staff can assess the material and make recommendations regarding eligibility. Some universities will be able to make spot offers.