Local duo arrested for drug possession

Hakim Hayat & Lyna Mohamad

Two local men aged 34 and 51 were arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Temburong Branch during a raid of a residence in Kampong Sibulu last Tuesday.

According to the NCB, drugs worth an estimated value of over BND5,000 were seized, including several plastic packages containing crystallised substances believed to be methylamphetamine or syabu, a Class A controlled drug weighing more than 35 grammes, utensils believed to be used for drug consumption, plastic packets, a digital weighing scale, and cash amounting to more than BND600 and several foreign currencies believed to be proceeds from drug activities.

Investigations are ongoing under the Misuse of Drugs Acts (MDA).

One suspect is being investigated under Section 3A, Chapter 27 of the MDA for possession for the purpose of trafficking of a controlled drug.

It carries a minimum penalty of five years’ imprisonment and five strokes and maximum penalty of 20 years’ imprisonment and 15 strokes and possession for the purpose of trafficking over 100 grammes of a Class A controlled drug, which carries the death penalty.

Drugs seized for investigation. PHOTO: NCB

Both suspects are also investigated under Section 6(b), Chapter 27 of the MDA for the consumption of controlled drugs that carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to 10 years or a BND20,000 fine, or both.

One of the suspect is also investigated under Section 7, Chapter 27 of the MDA for the possession of utensils used for drug consumption that carries a penalty of up to three years’ imprisonment or a BND10,000 fine, or both; while the other is also being investigated under Section 10, Chapter 27 of the MDA for abetments and attempts, punishable as offences.

The NCB reminded the public that anyone who abets the commission of or attempts to commit any offence against the MDA, will liable on conviction to the punishment provided for such offence.

The NCB also welcomes public cooperateion in combatting illegal drug activities in Brunei.

Information on drug abuse activities can be relayed to 2448877 (office hours), hotline 8777444 (after working hours) or email to [email protected]