Kristal-Astro ceases airing six channels

Aziz Idris

Kristal-Astro announced that six of its channels under the FOX Networks Group; FOX Sport channels, Star Chinese Channel, FX and Nat Geo People, had ceased broadcasting on its platform starting July 2.

Kristal-Astro remains committed to delivering the best variety of content to its customers and the decision not to include these channels was made after a comprehensive review on the Kristal-Astro business.

Kristal-Astro has heavily subsidised the cost of content, particularly for sports channels for a long period of time. Kristal-Astro sports pack subscribers can still catch Astro Supersport (CH811-CH814 HD, CH831-CH834) as the home of the English Premier League in Brunei Darussalam.

Kristal-Astro apologised for inconvenience caused by the cessation of these channels.