Katie Price ‘happy’ with Carl Woods

BANG! NEWS – Katie Price feels “alive, safe and happy” with her new boyfriend.

The former glamour model – who has five children from previous relationships – has struck up a romance with Love Island contestant Carl Woods and though it’s only early days, she thinks he’s a “keeper”.

She gushed, “He is amazing. He makes me feel alive, safe and happy. I’ve not told anyone else publicly about him yet. He is like a dream come true and ticks every box.

“My mum and close friends are really happy for me. I’m telling you, he has all the right attributes to be a keeper. I know what people will think – they’ll say, ‘Here we go again’ and all that. But I’m in a totally different headspace. I’m happy. I’m a bit smitten.”

The new couple was introduced by mutual friends but Carl has had his eye on Katie for “some time”.

She told new! magazine, “We met via mutual friends. He’s been an admirer of mine for some time from afar, but I never knew.”

The 42-year-old star wants to keep her relationship as low-key as possible because she’s worried about adding “pressure” to their romance.

She said, “I want to control the attention around my private life but I also know I can’t hide him or the smile on my face forever and that’s why I’m doing it this way.

“Please respect my space to enjoy my relationship without all the intrusion. He doesn’t need or want to be in the public eye – part and parcel of being with me, sadly – and I don’t want that pressure on us as a couple, I want it to work for all the right reasons, to grow naturally. “

The Loose Women panellist loves the fact Carl is successful in his own right and isn’t afraid to stand up to her.

She said, “He isn’t famous but he’s mature, has his own business and his own money. He’s a professional, not a wannabe. He is perfect, stands his own ground and has a backbone. He’s also so tall and handsome, a real gentleman and very easy on the eye – it’s a win-win.”