Japan rollercoaster virus guide wins hearts

TOKYO (AFP) – It might be the unlikeliest instructional video ever, but footage of two Japanese amusement park executives demonstrating how to “scream inside your heart” to avoid spreading COVID-19 while on a rollercoaster has been a roaring success.

“Now our customers stay silent while riding on rollercoasters,” a spokeswoman for amusement park operator Fujikyuko told AFP, after the video on riding etiquette for the coronavirus era went viral.

The video features the executives, one in a full suit and tie, the other in a shirt and bowtie, sitting stiffbacked and straightfaced in silence, with only the only sounds coming from the whipping of the wind and the grinding of the rollercoaster.

As they plunge downwards, one executive serenely readjusted his hair, and his facemask, but both otherwise remain stoically silent, even as they sway violently in the coaster car.

At the end of the ride, one man lifts his hands off the seat handles, visibly trembling. A black screen follows featuring advice that some social media users have dubbed a slogan for 2020: “scream inside your heart”.