Gorilla given COVID-19 test

FLORIDA (SKY NEWS) – A gorilla at a zoo in Florida has been tested for COVID-19 after he was taken to an animal hospital to receive treatment following a fight with his younger brother.

Zoo Miami said 31-year-old Shango – who weighs 433 pounds – and Barney, 26, got into a fight recently, resulting in bite wounds.

They were both born at San Francisco Zoo and arrived at Zoo Miami in 2017, where they have lived together ever since.

It says conflicts between adult male gorillas in bachelor groups are not uncommon, but that most consist of posturing and rarely result in serious injury.

The zoo said Shango received X-rays, vaccinations, an ultrasound, a TB test and a bronchoscopy as part of its overall preventative medicine programme.

It said the lowland gorilla’s bite wounds were “quite deep”, but “fortunately did not appear to result in any permanent damage”.

Shango was tested after being taken for treatment following a fight with his younger brother. PHOTO: SKY NEWS