FRD holds fire training for company staff

Izah Azahari

The Operation F Branch of the Public Relations Unit at the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) recently held a fire and evacuation training at Hiew HY Construction Sdn Bhd’s Lugu Flyover Project site office for the company’s 11 officers and staff.

The training was led by Assistant Administrative Officer of Hiew HY Construction Hajah Salbiah binti Haji Suhaili.

The objective was to ensure the readiness of the staff in case of fire emergency including the necessary actions taken and a systematic way of evacuating a building.

Meanwhile, the FRD called on members of the public to ensure the installation of electrical wirings is carried out by individuals that have been accredited by the Department of Electrical Services.

Staff of Hiew HY Construction Sdn Bhd being briefed at its site office. PHOTOS: FRD
A simulated fire emergency underway