Foreigner fined BND1,500 for drunk driving

Hakim Hayat

A foreign national was ordered to pay a BND1,500 fine by the Magistrate’s Court yesterday after he was found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the charge pressed by the Police Prosecution Unit of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), Pandi Ramanathan was detained during police roadblock on February 1.

He was charged under Section 26 (1)(b) of the Road and Traffic Act Chapter 68 for driving in an intoxicated condition under the influence of alcohol.

During court arraignment, he pleaded guilty and was handed down the fine.

For failure of settlement of the fine, he would have to spend two months in prison. The court has also suspended the defendant’s driving licence for three years.

The RBPF in the statement reminded road users to always abide by road and traffic rules and avoid offences such as driving under the influence, for their own and everyone’s safety.

The prosecution was represented by Inspector Hayati binti Tassim from the Police Prosecution Unit, while Magistrate Mohd Marzuqi bin Sabtu presided over the case.