Flood mitigation measures for Ulu Belait’s affected areas

Daniel Lim

The Belait District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) implemented flood mitigation measures to help provide relief to the residents of the flood-hit areas of Ulu Belait.

The affected areas include Kampong Sungai Mau, Jalan Kandul at Mukim Bukit Sawat, Jalan Laid Lakang at Kampong Merangking, Simpang 1366 at Kampong Merangking Hilir, Kampong Sungai Dungan, Kampong Kuala Rawai, Punan Longhouse at Mukim Sukang and parts of Jalan Labi along Bukit Puan and Beluhur area in Mukim Labi.

The mitigation measures include monitoring and reporting of current water levels with the aid of the Brunei Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), as well as providing food rations to flood victims through the Community Development Department (JAPEM). Logistics assistance was provided to facilitate the use of boats by the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF).

The Kampong Sungai Mau Multipurpose Hall at Mukim Bukit Sawat was turned into an Incident Command Post (ICP) to ensure that operations were conducted smoothly.

The FRD monitors the water level situation in the affected areas. Water levels receded, especially in Mukim Sukang as vehicles were able to ply on the roads yesterday.

One of the areas still affected by high water levels. PHOTO: BELAIT DISTRICT OFFICE