Fire Safety Order for residences?

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) for their clarification on the Fire Safety Order, which appeared on the Opinion page of the Bulletin on July 1.

It allowed the public, such as myself, to have a better understanding of the importance of abiding by the fire safety measures at commercial buildings.

However, it would be appreciated if the agency could also shed light on the fire safety regulations in relation to residential areas.

Open burning remains a very pressing issue in the country. It’s more of an anomaly to find a residential zone void of such a hazardous practice.

I live in a neighbourhood where people burn trash in their backyards. While they are doing it in their private properties, smoke does travel. It emits so much air pollution that I worry for the health of everyone who has to live in an area where there is endless open burning.

Health risks aside, this open burning practice is such a detriment to the environment. I hope the authorities will look into the matter.