Fashion with a story

AP/AFP – Rick Owens explored his own personal Mexican heritage, producing a typically funky and complex display, but one that seemed only very loosely based on the Mexican theme.

A key look was the sharp-shouldered tailored silhouette, often against a bare chest.

It featured sometimes with dazzling sequins that Owens said were “like the folkloric skirts my mom wore in school pageants growing up in Puebla, Mexico”.

Raised in Southern California by a native Mexican mother, Owens said his father worked with Mexican migrant farm workers — a point that influenced his creative process.

Long hair with a centre-parting, perhaps a nod to Native American styles, featured alongside large leather platforms, a bold take on the proportion of a cowboy boot. The logo of the migrant farmers, whose flag featured an Aztec eagle, was featured across overshirts and T-shirts.

But other styles, including jumpsuits and silver jackets, merged the universes of Glam Rock and the space age in a stylish mad hat melting pot.