Conditions improve at Labi as flooding recedes

Daniel Lim

With the rains gradually easing, water levels in the flood-hit regions of Ulu Belait have started to recede over the past few days.

On June 29, water levels as deep as 1.8 metres were recorded by the Belait District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC).

Yesterday morning, the Belait DDMC recorded receding water levels as low as 0.45 metres, with the Kampong Sungai Mau Multi-Purpose Hall at Mukim Bukit Sawat functioning as a centralised Incident Command Post (ICP).

The water levels were recorded in Kampong Sungai Mau (0.4 metres), Jalan Kandul (0.2 metres), Jalan Laid Lakang (0.25 metres), Simpang 1366 Kampong Merangking Hilir (0.45 metres), Jalan Utama Bukit Puan Labi (0.03 metres) and the Bukit Puan Police Station, Labi (0.40 metres).

The Belait DDMC is still helping to facilitate travel within the affected areas, while continuing to monitor the situation for the residents’ safety, convenience and wellbeing.

Personnel at the Incident Command Post (ICP) in Kampong Sungai Mau Multi-Purpose Hall. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
Road accessible by vehicles as water continues to recede