Baiduri Prestige opens doors to unparalleled privileges

Catering to elite individuals, Baiduri Bank’s premium banking programme Baiduri Prestige is offering additional rewards on Twin Currency Deposits and special savings towards subscriptions for Unit Trusts, a press release stated yesterday.

The ‘A World of Unparalleled Privileges Awaits’ promotion is open to prospective and existing Prestige members. Customers who invest a minimum of BND100,000 into a Twin Currency Deposit account will be rewarded an extra two per cent yield. The promotion offers additional savings for Prestige members who invest in unit trusts. With a minimum investment of BND1,000, members will be entitled to a sales charge of two per cent subject to terms and conditions.

The promotion period ends on September 24.

Head of Wealth Management Peng Eng Soon said, “We aim to provide the highest level of quality service and rewards for our Prestige clientele by assembling a balanced investment portfolio tailored towards their requirements.”

He elaborated that the options on offer are an effective way to manage investment risks. “Diversification is one of the most important components of reaching long-range financial goals while mitigating risk.”

Programme Executive Liza Kamaruddin said, “Through this promotion, customers can automatically become a Prestige member and avail the benefits.”

Baiduri Prestige is designed to provide a bespoke banking experience. The programme is built on five core principles known as the Prestige Pillars: Personal Touch, Prestige Recognition, People Who Matter, Progression in Wealth and Privileges.