A culinary experience to remember

Wani Roslan

When it comes to dining at a restaurant, in addition to the food, patrons also come to experience the environment, menu and quality of service.

Members of the media recently got a preview of a unique and unforgettable culinary initiative in the sultanate, called ‘The Ambuyat Experience’ – an extensive entertainment experience by My Favoureat Kopitiam (MFK).

Images projected on the table by ceiling-mounted projectors caught my attention. The beautiful video displays welcomed us and displayed the visual menu on the table with the dishes to be served in a multiple-course meal.

I was stunned with the advanced design and setup of the experience. Our hors d’oeuvre was Begedil Daging (fried beef potato patty), which was a simple yet delicious opening before our main course – Ambuyat.

The friendly MFK staff served pumpkin cream soup, a creamy and flavourful dish that tickles the taste-buds. A small portion of Kerabu Ikan Bakar was served as the starter. I do not usually favour fish, but this dish was an exception. The tasty combination of sour, sweet and little spiciness with grilled fish created a perfect blend of flavours.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show ‘The Ambuyat Experience’ at My Favoureat Kopitiam. The Ambuyat Set comprises Daging Rebus Kedayan, Sayur Cangkuk Manis, Udang Rebus Asam Kulit and two dips – Cacah Binjai and Cacah Tempoyak. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Members of the media sampling The Ambuyat Experience

Before the main course, we sampled papaya with lemon zest sorbet. It is a versatile dish that brings a new experience with its different elements, providing a balance of sour and sweet to create a truly snackable dish.

Next was the most-awaited course – the Ambuyat set with Cacah Binjai and Tempoyak, served with Daging Rebus Kedayan, Sayur Cangkuk Manis Tumis Telur and Udang Rebus Asam Kulit.

Prior to serving the Ambuyat, a short video was projected, explaining the background of the national dish and how to make and cook Ambuyat – an initiative to promote the dish to the younger generation and tourists.

As the staff served the Ambuyat set, an overwhelming feeling of happiness swept over me in anticipation of sampling the Cacah Binjai and Tempoyak.

One of my favourite dishes was Daging Rebus Kedayan. The ingredients, particularly the lemongrass and turmeric, blend so perfectly, and it is bliss with every spoonful.

Sayur Cangkuk Manis Tumis Telur and Udang Rebus Asam Kulit were also flavourful highlights.

The projector displayed the names of every dish served, accompanied by soothing music and an intimate dining ambiance.

MFK Restaurant Supervisor Hafizah Duraman said patrons appreciate enjoying quality Ambuyat in a nice, cosy environment, complete with appropriate music and table services.

“This motivated MFK to embark on this very challenging project – how to transform this humble traditional Brunei fare into a 21st Century gastronomic culinary experience” she said.

The creative MFK chefs and service staff hope the careful blending of unique sights, sounds, tastes and aromas will delight adventurous local foodies and tourists alike seeking a uniquely different experience. The dining experience was amazing as well as the food. The Ambuyat Experience can accommodate up to six people per table, and the graphics displayed can be personalised for birthdays and special occasions.