10 injured in southern Thailand bomb blast

PATTANI, THAILAND (BERNAMA) – Ten people, including two children, were injured after a bomb exploded in southern Thailand’s Pattani province.

In the incident which took place at 5.30pm on Wednesday, a homemade bomb weighing 15 kilogrammes activated by a walkie talkie exploded at Panare-Sai Buri Road in Pattani.

Panare’s Chief of Police Liab Promchan, said the bombing is targetted at a group of six rangers who were conducting their patrols on motorcycles. “The explosion caused the six rangers to be injured, with two of them heavily injured. The force of the explosion also caused a family of four including two children at the scene to sustain light injuries,” he said when contacted.

Liab did not rule out the possibility that the bomb blast was an act of revenge following the death of a militant member who was killed in a battle in Kg Rawo, Panare, last week.