Where are the health measures at wet market?

In the past weeks, there have been multiple news reports of new COVID-19 cases originating from wet markets around the world.

It worries me because whenever I visit the Gadong Wet Market, I don’t see people practising social distancing. At peak times like Sunday mornings, it may as well be a mass gathering.

The market doesn’t appear to have a sound management to make sure the precautionary measures detailed by the Ministry of Health (MoH) are followed at all times. There are no temperature checkpoints at all entrances. Sure, there is a QR code for visitors. But so far, I haven’t seen anyone scanning it upon entering the premises.

This observation is in sharp contrast to the Gadong Night Market next door, which is strict in its adherence to the measures.

With no new cases in almost two months, I understand the urge to ease up on the measures. But this loose?

In addition, I have seen a number of vendors smoking at their stalls at both markets.

Isn’t the Tobacco Order put in place to keep such an unsavoury habit at bay?

We have to buy food from them to feed our family. The thought of these food items laced with cigarette ash is frankly off-putting.

I hope the authorities will look into these issues and take steps in ensuring the health of people is top priority.

We have been doing so well in containing the COVID-19 outbreak. It would be heart-breaking if we had a second wave of infections because we have been too lax in the enforcement of precautionary measures at our wet markets.